Publishers have a number of online sales opportunities today. Most of these opportunities fit within two options:

  1. Direct-to-consumer sales through the publisher's own website
  2. Consumer sales through a third party retailer


Connecting your books with consumers

The Snowfall Print Network brings some state-of-the-art technology to you as part of BookPrintOnDemand.com. This forward looking technology is geared to helping authors and independent publishers connect and sell books directly with the reader. The future of publishing is bringing the author together with their tribe of followers (readers) and enabling that relationship to result in a transaction.

Drop Shipping

The Snowfall Print Network offers its publishers the opportunity to ship orders anywhere in the world, directly off press. Simply put the shipping information in the order and select the desired shipping method.

Working with PayPal

We have a new PayPal Widget to help you connect your web store directly to the print-on-demand technology. To set this up, please visit the PayPal page.

Using your own eCommerce system

We can set up a simple system to allow you to drop a CSV file into an FTP folder to take bulk orders and automate the printing and shipping. For more information and set up, visit our CSV page.