Submitting Bulk Orders via FTP to


BookPrintOnDemand understands that individuals and organizations receive book orders in various ways.  In addition, there may already be internal processes in place which are already working effectively.  As a result, BookPrintOnDemand (along with the Snowfall Print Network) has developed a process where our customers are able to export an order report from their internal system, or from popular platforms like Amazon and submit all orders for fulfillment in a single upload to our FTP server.  

  1. Open a support ticket requesting the bulk ordering process.
  2. Export a report from the platform where your Orders are received.
  3. If the Order Report is not already in the .csv format, it needs to be converted to .csv
  4. Submit the .csv Order Report to BookPrintOnDemand (this can be attached to the support ticket and is a one-time requirement for configuration).
  5. Only "Saved Books" are eligible for bulk orders.
    1. When your account is set-up there will be a column in the "Saved Books" listing with the heading "API"  The box in this column needs to be checked in order for the book to be available in this process.
    2. Unique Customer Product ID's are required for each Saved Book.  This can be any unique number you want to use (most publishers will use the ISBN).

At this point, BookPrintOnDemand will set up your account on our servers to be able to extract important Order details from your Order Report in order to do the printing and fulfillment.  

IMPORTANT:  There should be one Title per line (there can be multiple quantities) item.

Placing An Order

  1. Generate (export )your .csv file from your Order Management system (i.e. Amazon).
  2. BookPrintOnDemand will provide you with a url for logging into your account via FTP.
  3. Using your preferred FTP client -login to your Snowfall Press account via the FTP server (
  4. Drag the .csv file and drop it in the Batch Order folder.

Managing Your Orders

  1. After your order is submitted to BookPrintOnDemand, we recommend that you login to your BookPrintOnDemand account and go to the External Orders screen to verify that the Orders are in the system.  
  2. Any Orders with errors or that did not validate correctly are visible here, and in many cases can be corrected here as well.