Setting Up Your Account

When opening an account, we will ask you for a few pieces of information. We will never sell or share this information with anyone. We ask that you give us an email address for a login, a password, your name and phone number (in the event we need to call you about your work) and fill in any other required fields. There is no cost to open an account.

Next we will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions protect both parties, by outlining what we as a printer promise to deliver, and how our publishers should interact with our service.


Step 1: Log into your account

When you are logged into your account, your page will look like this: 

Step 2: Open the My Account tab

This tab allows you to change your login information. If for some reason you have forgotten your password, please contact Customer Service at and they can reset the password for you.

Step 3: Choose the ORGANIZATION SETTINGS option

This section is important for eCommerce. If you plan on selling through eCommerce, and using the drop ship options, it is important to fill out the publisher contact and return address information. Order that are shipped without accurate return information, will return to the manufacturing plants and be destroyed.

For more information about eCommerce options, contact

Step 4: Upload your publisher logo/shipping label gives publishers the opportunity to ship their packages using the publisher logo on the label instead of the BookPrintOnDemand logo. The logo can be uploaded by clicking on the 'Load Label' button, browsing/choosing the file. IMPORTANT: Currently the system only accepts files that are saved to the EXACT specs as outlined in the instructions.

Step 5: Add your corporate address

This information will appear on packing labels attached to your shipments. You should make sure that it helps your customers identify you and call you in case of questions.

Step 6: Add your return address

This information will be used, if possible, to redirect packages to you if your customer's address is invalid. Currently, this address must be in the United States.

Step 7: Add your package manifest information

These fields are used to generate your packing slips. You should provide your company name and indicate your return policy if you want it to appear on the shipping manifest.