Book Materials and Manufacturing Specifications


BookPrintOnDemand is part of the Snowfall Print Network, which prints perfect-bound books with black-and-white and four color interiors, full-color covers (CMYK) with both lay-flat gloss laminate cover finish and matte laminate cover finish options. In addition, we have just release coil binding options for our customers.


Paper Types

Snowfall Press offers perfect-bound books with the following paper types and specifications:

Standard White 60# offset/24 LB Bond/90 gsm 422 ppi

Thin White 40# offset/13 LB Bond/60 gsm 692 ppi

Cream 50# offset/74 gsm 420 ppi

Size Limitations

The Snowfall Print Network prints books at any size within the following range by utilizing an advanced system and machine set up that runs different book sizes one after the other.

Minimum: 4 x 6

Maximum: A4 (slightly larger than 8.5 x 11)

Page Counts

The Snowfall Print Network can print books with the following page counts:

6 x 9 and smaller: 20 minimum pages, and 1400 maximum pages

Larger than 6 x 9: 20 minimum pages, and 608 to 904 maximum pages/depends on trim size.

Coil Binding/Lay-Flat Alternatives

The Snowfall Print Network does not offer lay-flat binding as an option, but just released coil binding in small run sizes.

As an alternative to lay-flat, we urge customers to consider using thin paper to achieve some of the same effect for perfect-bound workbooks and books. Many customers have found the thin paper option to their liking. We urge any customer that is considering this option to print a physical proof to check whether this is an acceptable solution.