Marketing, Promotion, and Social Media


Marketing is one of the most challenging undertakings for any author or publisher. Some of the most successful authors have a marketing plan/strategy before they ever publish their book—and this, in great measure, is why they see such success. An effective marketing strategy can help you, the author, identify key elements to craft into your content to specifically appeal to certain audiences.

Marketing is most certainly the responsibility of the author. No one knows your content like you do. No one will be as passionate about your content as you are.

Your responsibility is to build relationships with your readers so they want to buy your book. To do this, you will need a toolkit—and we can offer you an array of tools. These tools won't sell your book, but they will make it easier for you to connect to your reader so they buy it.

BookPrintOnDemand offers a wide variety of marketing services specifically designed to get books in front of potential readers. We help you leverage the power of the Internet with proven, highly targeted digital marketing techniques.

Virtual Blog Book Tours

Starting at $999 - Our network of bloggers are open to talking about your book—let us help you set up a virtual book tour.

  • We will set up 20 blogs with your eBook about 45 days ahead of your book launch.
  • Each blog will provide a review or an interview.

Amazon Exposure Program

Starting at $699 - Break through all the clutter and introduce interested readers to your book on Amazon.

  • Complete Amazon author profile setup, which includes: author photo, author bio, and bibliography. Optional: email address, website link, blog, videos and book trailers.
  • 30 unique keywords to create tags

Google Advertising Campaign

Starting at $1499 - Google is the number one search engine. We optimize your book so it appears higher in Google's search rankings when someone searches for information on your book's topic. 

  • Adwords Account
  • Keyword research specific to your book
  • Up to 20 Adwords ad groups with 3-6 specific keywords
  • 2 rounds of design revisions
  • Up to 60 ads for your book (2-3 variations per group)
  • 3 months account management

Book Trailer Service

Starting at $1199 - Video images that combine the sensory techniques of sight and sound can increase the opportunity to sell your book.

  • Creative phone/email brainstorming to determine direction, feel, and content of the book trailer
  • 1-2 minute long rough cut of book trailer
  • 1 round of revisions to book trailer rough cut
  • 1-2 minute finalized book trailer

Online Media Exposure Program

Starting at $599 - We help readers find your book by making sure your website is listed on all of the major search engines and directories.

  • Basic keyword research
  • Submission to over 40 search engines
  • Submission to 10 social bookmarking and social news websites
  • Development of a listing, complete with book information and short publisher reviews, on 6 different book-specific social media websites
  • Website analytics

Custom Author Websites

Starting at $699 -  As you build your reader base—the tribe that follows you—you'll want to make sure you have a professional landing page for them to engage with you and buy your book.

  • Book synopsis / description page
  • Author bio
  • Excerpts
  • Contact page
  • Your own eCommerce sales page
  • Links to social media pages
  • Option to add Google Analytics
  • Option to add Image gallery
  • Six website layout templates to choose from

Customized Facebook Fan Page

Starting at $599 - We help you tap into the power of social media and Facebook by engaging potential readers with a custom page design centered on your book.

  • Custom-designed Facebook author page
  • 2 rounds of page revisions

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Starting at $499 - We can target Facebook users by age, location, and profile interests through custom ads created to build you a tribe of potential readers.

  • $200 in advertising credit on Facebook (pay per click will vary)
  • Ad management for the length of campaign
  • 5 ad groups, each with 2-3 ads

Customized Twitter® Page

Starting at $499 - Continue building your brand with a custom Twitter page.

  • Twitter page with custom background
  • 2 rounds of design revisions